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Top Experience


Executive Music Production

Top Experience

Turnkey production, from developing the vision and style most befitting to your unique talent, through songwriting and composition, recording, mixing and mastering of your album or single. AERIK KYLO oversees the whole process to ensure everything is on track. Experience your music with the the highest quality recording equipment to make sure each track speaks for itself. Trust AERIK KYLO to give your music that extra touch.

Preferred Equipment

In or Out of the Box Production

Preferred DAWs and Equipment:

Digital Audio Workstations

  • Logic Pro X (Composing and Mixing)

  • Pro Tools (Mixing)

  • iZotope Ozone 9 (Mastering)


  • SSL AWS 948

  • AVID S6

Vocal Microphones

  • Neumann TLM102

  • Sonotronics STC-3X

  • Blue Design BabyBottle

Editing & Post Production
SERVICES: Services
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