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My trip-hop project with Vishnu Prakash

PHNX started out as a mental health awareness project during the 2020 COVID Lockdown.

We wrote and produced a conceptual EP about depression, anxiety and psychosis. 

The songs were the result of research we conducted, and how the mental health conditions were described. 

In 2022, we released the main track 'Save Me (ft. Aarti Venkat)' globally, on all streaming platforms. The song proved particularly popular on YouTube Music. When the song passed 10,000 streams on that platform alone, that represented a major milestone for us, and we're humbled and excited that so many people love the song.

In 2023, we produced the follow-up, 'Lose Myself'. It continues the story from 'Save Me' and details the process of self-reflection and transformation which I went through.


Save Me (Music Video)


The story behind 'Save Me'

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